Thursday, February 12, 2015

Its a Magaifa- Blame charedim and the frum

Charedim dont vaccinate their children, Charedim protect child molesters, Charedim are to blame and are at fault. The OU and RCA issued a statement  urging all parents to vaccinate their healthy children on the timetable recommended by their pediatrician. There is a huge movement out there opposing vaccinations. Its found in the secular world too, as much as it is by the MO and yeshivish crowd. However, the blogs and moms basement commentators, were quick to point out how the frum ultra orthodox are the ones not vaccinating their children. Same with child molestation, the problem exists in all segments of society but they love pointing out and blaming the frum and ultra orthodox for covering up and protecting molesters. Recently which considers itself the online voice of Torah Jewry, has been posting articles about events hosted by JCW a MO organization spreading awareness of abuse. The frum community have their own way of dealing with it.(no not by covering up) It has somehow become more of an issue in the frum world as apposed to other communities. Why is Matzav adapting a MO approach to the issue. A prominent askan who spearheaded a zero-tolerance policy
for child sex abuse in Cleveland, gave a spontaneous speech after being moved by the other speakers’ willingness to share their stories. He used the Hebrew word “maggephah” to describe the plague of child sex abuse he has witnessed in the community. I dont have the numbers to call it a magaifa. But the magaifa is right here online- spreading lies and blaming the frum Torah Jews with shmutz, defaming and ridiculing their way of life.


  1. I don't get this - do you like to beat yourself up? Where are you getting this notion from that it's only the ultra-orthodox's fault, all the chareidim's fault, etc? Why don't you post links so people can judge whether or not your allegations are even true?

    As for sex-abuse, that is a serious issue that has been appallingly mishandled by people from EVERY point on the Orthodox spectrum. The way that the Orthodox community has been dealing with the issue of sexual abuse and misconduct has been a dismal failure. Enough said.

  2. R' Tomim,

    I write the following with the greatest respect, and to be honest I would rather not have to write it at all. This post makes you come off as paranoid, and makes it hard to trust anything else you write. There is attacking, and there is genuinely discussing an issue. You can't conflate the two.

    No one is suggesting that not vaccinating children is only an issue in our community, but it is also an issue in our community, so it needs to be addressed.

    No one is suggesting that molestation r"l is only an issue in our community, but it is also an issue in our community, so it needs to be addressed. And while you may not agree with what you call the "MO" approach to the issue, you can't ignore that it it is also the stance taken by many of OUR poskim. You can look at the Nishmas Avraham as a start.

    There is no shortage of attacks against the frum world online. Please focus on the genuine ones, and remove this post before it creates a greater chillul hashem.

    1. Exactly, its not only a Charedi problem but the bloggers on the left love to make it only a charedi problem.

  3. Why are people picking on Chareidim?

    > Charedim dont vaccinate their children

    And prominent "Gedolim" with supposed "Daas Torah" support that position.

    > Charedim protect child molesters

    Yes, it's been a revealing week in Australia where we are learning that the entire upper echelons of Chabad there conspired to do exactly that. And that's just this week!

    > , Charedim are to blame and are at fault

    Because amongst the Torah-observant only the Chareidi promote themselves as the ideal Jews, the only genuine followers of the mesorah, the moral standards against which the rest of Am Yisroel must measure itself. Well if you put yourself on a high pedestal it hurts that much more when you get pushed off.

  4. What is " The frum community"'s "own way of dealing with it"?