Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Agudah reminds you to vote

An important reminder to vote!
Zwiebel speaking- hat
Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel
Executive Vice President
Dear Friends:

Next week Tuesday, November 4, 2014 is Election Day. Voters will be selecting the candidates who will become your new political leaders. We urge all constituents and friends to please go out and vote!

Your vote counts. The simple reality is that government officials look at which groups vote, and take their positions on the major issues of the day accordingly. Communities that vote are communities that are listened to and heard. Securing political support with regard to the issues that affect us deeply- protecting our most fundamental religious freedoms, maximizing governmental aid to our educational institutions, maintaining the moral climate of society, increasing the availability of affordable housing, improving the quality of government services in our neighborhoods- depends on each and every registered voter taking the time to go to the polls and vote. 

So please, take the time next week to vote. Do it for yourself... for your children... for your community...for Klal Yisroel.

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Chaim Dovid Zwiebel


  1. Rav Zweibel seems to be overly optimistic to think that it is possiible to "maintain the moral climate of society". In the US, homosexualiity, which Rashi stated was one of the causes of the Mabul (the great Flood in the tme of Noach) is not only legalized, but "marriages" are condoned and celebrated by government officials, and it has gotten to the point that even pointing out that the Torah condemns homosexuality is considered by many people (even some religious Jews!) to be illegal hate speech which must be banned. In fact, some of the politicians whom the Orthodox/religious community are closest with are the biggest source of support for this. Add to this the increasing tendency to legalize "recreational drug use' and the ongoing collapse of normal family relations with nearly half of all children born out of wedlock and growing up without normal family support, and you have an American society in terminal economic, social, moral and spriitual decline. It is inevitable that the religious Jewish community will be dragged down with it and these moral deviations are penetrating even the most insular religious communities. The question is not what Rav Zweibel asks "who to we vote for", but rather, :"is there any future at all for American Jewry". It goes way beyond "who will give us the most government handouts" which seems to be the primary interest of most religious voters.

    1. Strange you don't feel the same about your beloved "Israel"...

    2. Israel is going the other direction. Religious Sociologist David Goldman has written in his book "How Civilizations Die' that Israeli is the HEALTHIEST country socially and spiritually in the world. Religious life is strengthening in Israel and Jewish identity is also growing among a significant part of the secular population. No doubt you find this discomforting. In any event you didn't refute anything I said. There is no future for American Orthodox Jewry.

    3. The frum leadership , the vocal ones, rejected Israel's birth,so the secular built it and bled for it. You could've had it your way, Anon 12;21 and now you're crying 'uncle.' Take your family & friends, make aliyah and help influence the climate there. Yes, Israel is beloved, and should be by all.

    4. Its very possible to maintain our moral climate, the problem is that the Jewish community voted for the candidates in every single community that are destroying the moral climate.

      Many aguda$ yi$roil a$kanim supported candidates that voted for same sex "marriage".

      Even after excluding Williamsburg KJ Kaser and New Square the Jewish community voted more than 2 to 1 for Cuomo yms

      The bigger KJ group voted in mass for the same sex "married" Sean Patrick Maloney