Thursday, November 20, 2014

Frum media face challenge of posting graphic pictures of massacre in Har Nof

Editors of frum papers had a tough choice do they post the bloody pictures or not? On the internet there are different rules, almost anything and everything goes. There is much more room for error or leniency. Pictures of the bloodbath and murder of the 4 kedoshim were broadcast for the world to see. It was a time the world sees the savage murder of arab terror. However for the print media, newspapers and magazines editors had a tough call do we publish these pictures or not? Children and teens read them, parents cant censor the weekly shabbos newspaper. They dont want the kids traumatized by these images. Hamodia chose to publish a picture of the shul in Har Nof that showed a bloody scene. The Yated Neeman on its front cover had a background with one of the victims lying on the floor wearing his Tefilin. Rabbi Pinchos Lipshutz , editor, wrote on the front page that his Rebbe, Rav Elya Svei Zatzal guided them how to report on such incidents. They were told in reporting a tragedy to show the readers the enormity of the event, feel the pain and do teshuva. Here is the front page of the FJJ As the saying goes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Some people are upset with these images yet there is a strong a argument to make on this subject.

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