Friday, November 21, 2014

Rav Matisyohu Solomon, on massacre in Har Nof

Rav Matisyohu Solomom, the Lakewood mashgiach spoke in Beth Medrash Govoha About the massacre in Har Nof. The Mashgiach mentioned that hashem has sent us a shock. He sent us a message in a very strong way he wants us to have Yiras hashem we should work on our יראת שמים . He pointed out the facts that hashem took the best and brightest away from us in such an extreme way in a bais hamedrash while they were davening wrapped in talis and tefilinn. That signifies, the magnitude of the message hashem is sending us to have yiras shomayim.  It is what is written in megilas eicha  we say on Tisha bav "אם יהרג במקדש ה' כהן ונביא". Upon hearing the news of the attack the mashgiach said one should have made a bracha of dayan haemes which one makes upon hearing bad news (על שמועות רעות מברך, ברוך אתה ה' אלקינו מלך העולם דין האמת), The bracha is meant to bring someone to have yiras shomayim. As the pasuk says ה' שמעתי שמעך יראתי. We are currently in the stage of חבלי משיח
as the gemara says מה יעשה אדם וינצל מחבלי משיח יעסוק בתורה ובגמילות חסדים
Torah learning and chesed goes together with Yiras shomayim. We were shaken up for a reason, not because of our aveiros, but to focus and realize that hashem is asking us to fear him. The mashgiach mentioned that we are in the shmitah year which is the seventh year, it corresponds to the 7th bracha of shemona esrei which talks about the  geulah. Chazal say  mashiach will arrive at the end of Shmittah year. Let us work and increase our yiras shamayim and make it a time that we will be zoche to merit the geula.

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