Sunday, March 22, 2015

Photos Levaya information and updates for 7 children killed in flatbush fire R''L

Older photo of Sassoon family
                                                            בקרובי אקדש
Fathers Hesped HERE
The Levaya for the 7 children of the Sassoon family killed in the fire R''L will be this afternoon at 3:00 PM at Shomrei hadas chapel  in Boro Park 3803 14th Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Thousands are expected to attend The Niftarim will be flown to Eretz Yisrael at 7:00 pm. from JFK on flight 008.  The procession will follow the funeral to JFK airport traveling to Israel on a 7:4 5 PM flight. A huge levaya is expected Kevura will be at Har Hamenuchos. No information yet regarding a live hook up of the Levaya in brooklyn.
There will be busses going from Ocean Parkway & P and Ocean Parkway & S to the levaya at 2:15 & 2:30

FDNY commissioner and chief of dept at the Levaya

Crowd at the Levaya going inside the chapel

Rav Gavriel Sassoon being maspid his children R''L

Road closures at the Levaya

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  1. I believe the levaya is at 3.

    I will check back here to see if there is any info on a remote hookup for viewing or listening.

    Boruch Dayan Haemes