Sunday, March 22, 2015

Too early for birchas Ilanos

Rav Chaim Kanievsky at Birchas Ilanos  5775 this morning
In Eretz Yisrael they started saying the BIrchas Ilanos as the spring weather arrived. However in the US especially in the East coast, Spring has yet to arrive as the forecast calls for more snow. The trees are not blossomming yet and the Bracha can not be said yet.
From thre Star-K website
Birchas Ilanos 5775 Alexander Rebbe in EY
Birchas Hailanos is recited once a year during the spring when you see a tree that has started to flower.Optimally, the brocha should be said at the earliest opportunity upon seeing a budding tree for the first time. However, if you did not recite the brocha at that time you could say the brocha on another occasion. Some opinions state that one may recite this brocha only during the month of Nissan. For this reason, it is customary not to say the brocha before the beginning of Nissan However, the halachah follows the opinion that you can also say this brocha during other months. Therefore, if you did not recite the brocha during the month of Nissan you still have the opportunity to do so. This is especially applicable in those countries
where spring does not occur during Nissan.The brocha may be said at night if you are able to see the flowers well.Although there are sources that rule out reciting the brocha on Shabbos,the consensus of the poskim is that there are no halachic concerns with regard to reciting this brocha on Shabbos. A number of gedolim have, in fact, often recited the brocha on Shabbos.11

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