Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oy vey iz Mir

The recent petirah of Harav Nosson Tzvi finkel Zatzal the Mir Rosh yeshiva has highlited the  great financial straits of which the yeshiva is in. With an enrollment of Bli Ayin hora over 6,000 Talmidim the Budget is in the Millions of dollars.The Leading Gedolim in EY have issued a call for all to come forward and help out the yeshiva in these trying times .Hopefully enough funds can be raised and help the yeshiva continue to function. What was a given untill now among the Israeli yeshivos is that the Government gave a sizeable amount of money toward each student which helped cover the budget. The recent cuts as well as a growing animosity toward the orthodox in Israel has gained support and many politicians started calling for an end to the handouts that many yeshivos were receiving .On the other hand the small amount of funding that they are receiving comes with a price of accountability as well as being beholden to  politicians on the left who are anti charedi who look to force their views on the yeshivos and gain popularity with the growing resentment of the current trends in israeli society towards the orthodox Jews.The question is,is  this still worth it or as a leading Gadol recently said its time to stop taking from the Govt.

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