Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter Rav Shach zatzal wrote as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. "Man can only attain Chochma on planet Earth.

This letter was written by Rav Shach zatzal  the day Neal Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon. It is printed in Michtavim Umaamarim חלק ג  siman רנג. Rav Shach wrote at the time the correct hashkafa on the event of man landing on the Moon.

What transpired before us as man sets foot on the moon will definitely have people thinking of the great achievment brought on by mankind Koch veotzem yadi. However the opposite is true we see the great wonders of hashem and the feeling must be to see how man is nothing compared to the entire universe. Man is only a small speck in the shadow of  the planets and the universe. he can be struck and injured in a second yet hashem has rachmanus and the more we realize the Chochma of the Briah  its proof that there is a rbso who has chesed and rachamim if chas veshalom there wont be hashgacha for just one second there would be a churban.
Its a wonder that we can see more from planet Earth alone that it has all that is needed for mankind. It produces food and sustenance for us. It is only here on this planet that man should grow in Chochma, If hashem did not create man on the moon its a siman that that is not the place for man to grow, its only here on earth that a person have an aliyah in chochma and to come to the realization that hashem is the gedolah shebachochma. It is only from planet earth that man can attain the wisdom to go and land on the moon, but the moon itself was only created for mankind to lighten the sky during the night.

In the end of the letter Rav Shach brings proof to the Rambam that the Moon is a Baal nefesh -a soul.


  1. There is no need to be mevazeh Talmidey Chachomim by publicizing letters they wrote which are less than flattering to them.


  3. chassidisheshechitaAugust 27, 2012 at 10:52 PM

    In what way is this letter mevazeh Rav Schach?

  4. R'Shach's chochma still resonates today. There is to much work to do here on Earth to waste our time energy and resources traveling the universe. We could say jobs are being created but as the recent uproar in India shows there's plenty of work we could create building here