Thursday, March 17, 2016

Taking over where Failed Messiah left off

 Perhaps they want Rechnitz to buy them out too.
  It was a big news story the FBI has been canvassing frum communities of  Monsey, Monroe and Williamsburg in an investigation. Just a few years ago none of the so called frum websites would have given coverage and publicized such a story at least not right away. Fast forward, and now the frum news sites and blogs have become tabloid and gossip columns. Live updates and pictures of FBI agents going into schools and yeshivos is always a great headline but you would never expect the Torah and yeshiva websites to to portray frum Jews in such a light. Right or wrong it dosent matter. At this point no one knows much about the investigation but the Jury has already been out. Worse, the comments allowed in these frum sites hailing the Feds saying "lock em all up" about Frum Jews makes ones hair stand up. In a competitive market with these online websites trying to one up each other the moral lines have all but dissipated. Might as well get the real story from NY post.

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  1. Fotheringay-PhippsMarch 21, 2016 at 6:12 PM

    Problem is that in story after story there turns out to be smoke behind the fire. I'm struggling to think of one that didn't pan out at all.