Monday, March 21, 2016

Throwing stones from a glass house

No one knows yet what the raids in Monsey and other frum areas were about. But quick to the trigger and to self promote is a fellow former menahel of a school in Monsey who felt the need to publicly call out all the targeted schools for what he believes they acted not ehrlich or  according to how yiddishkeit was supposed to be. Here's a quote.
"In light of Wednesday's events in my hometown of  Monsey, permit me to share with you Back to Factory Settings, a eulogy I wrote four years ago upon the passing my parents' lifelong friend David Harris and Charedi Classic , an essay I wrote in Mishpacha Magazine seven years ago. Both of these columns speak about the values of my parents and so many members of their generation, and I thought it appropriate to disseminate these lines today instead of the Torah Thoughts I've been recording each week in memory of my beloved mother a"h."...."Over the past few years, I've increasingly felt that the most effective way of reversing the exploding number of kids and adults abandoning Yiddishkeit is to revert to the old-fashioned "Charedi Classic" education my generation was fortunate to receive from yours; and pass on those core values to our children and grandchildren."
 Which Rav permitted to accuse all those yeshivos and those who run them? did the Agudah back you on this one? How would you have felt if  these Monsey menahlim wrote a letter when your school was taken away from you?


  1. Why arre u accusing him of not consulting a rav. Did u ask him? And since when is the Aguda a daya zuger?

  2. Why is he not in Darchei noam? Why did he not speak at JCW?

  3. Of course he would call "exploding number of children" a problem.

    And I am sure he consulted a Rabbi; he thinks he is a Rabbi and we know he talks to himself.

  4. YH promoting himself again on TV today calling out the Hnging of Haman.

  5. Out of YSV out of Darchei Noam not invited to JCW not part of Agudah only a Twitter account and clueless followers.