Sunday, September 30, 2012

Can one change the minhag in shul and do Hoshanas after Halel instead of after Mussaf

There are 2 minhagim when to do the hakafos around the Bimah when reciting Hoshanos. Minhag EY is to do it after Halel before krias hatorah which is the more convenient way since you dont have to take the Lulan and Esrog out again. The second Minhag is to do it after Mussaf where you have to take the lulav out again. There have been many halachick debates among the poskim regarding when to do it and there are many reasons both halachackily and al pi kabbalah when to do it.
 Many Shuls who had the minhag to do it after mussaf wanted to switch the minhag to the first way as a matter of convenience some took a vote others asked a shailah.

Inline image 1There is an Interesting story brought in sefer LEV Chaim from Rav chaim falagi HERE In the City of Izmir where the Rav wanted to change the Minhag they did it after mussaf and he wanted to do like minhag Eretz yisrael where you say the hoshanos and hakafos after hallel. They took a vote and all members agreed with the Rav to change the Minhag. there was one member of the Shul who opposed it he argued that the minhag was not just in vain and there is who to be somech on to keep it that way. The Rav decided that even if only one person opposed it was enough not to change the minhag and they kept the Minhag of hoshanas after Mussaf.

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