Friday, September 21, 2012

Hamodia, Mishpacha, printed for Shabbos Shuva, No Yated, or Ami Magazine.

Due to the Schedule and Jewish calender this year, there was not much time for the frum newspapers to put together a special Yom kippur Shabbos Shuva issue.  Ami magazine and Yated Ne'eman all published double  issues on Rosh Hashana for Yom Kippur too. Hamodia and Mishpacha are the only ones that printed the weekly issue. All papers and Magazines will publish their Sukkos editions next week Iyh.
As we posted here, its not that bad if you have a week off from the papers especially this week Shabbos shuva take the spare time to be Maavir sedra or take a Artscroll book, machzor or sefer and go through it, why not go through the yom kippur davening and have an understanding of the davening. 


  1. Sorry to burst your bubble. There is a new Mishpacha which was published on Tzom Gedalya.

  2. Binah also published this week (but I don't know if that counts as it doesn't even claim to be a news magazine)