Thursday, September 27, 2012

In time for Sukkos Frum newspapers out with expanded yom tov editions

With Yom tov and shabbos chol hamoed this year there will be plenty of time to learn and read up on your favorite newspaper and magazine the frum papers all came out with expanded yom tov issues. total cost  around 21$ .

 Yated Ne'eman has exclusive interviews with Rav Boruch Mordechai Ezrachi RY of Ateres Yisrael, and in honor of the simchas yom tov the Yated landed interviews with Chazan Moshe Stern and 2 veteran musicians of the one man band Reb C. M Schwarz and Shabsi Parnes. A new exciting serial in the magazine section and included is the famous Chol hamoed guide for places to go with the family.

Hamodia  has a special yom tov edition included places to go for Chol hamoed. A sukkos supplement  "Kashrus withou confusion" stories about the mashgichim and the length to which those appointed as guardians of kashrus will go to ensure the food we it is up to the highest standards. The Inyan has facinating articles as usual from a trip to Vineland nj andremembering Rebbetzin Kanievsky.

Ami Magazine features an expanded yom tov issue  an exclusive interview with The Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Malkiel Kotler and other members of the Kotler family about the life and legacy of  Rav aharon Kotler zatzal as the Lakewood yeshiva BMG is set to commemorate the 50th Yartzheit. A Ami collection for sukkos, an op-ed by Rabbi Hershel Schachter, an article of the new initiative to make Shtreimels more affordable.

Mishpacha magazine came through as usual with a yom tov issue One package 8 magazines! plus a Bonus sukkos gift, All star music CD. An interview of "the man with the plan"  Rabbi Nochum Stillerman who was mentioned by Rabbi Frand at the 12th Siyum hashas at Metlife stadium. An interview with Composer and Rebbe Reb Baruch Levine. Special Sukkos supplements  Kulmus, Than and now and Calligraphy a selection of todays best fiction.

Zman Magazine came out with their expanded yom tov issue as well featuring fascinating articles from  the man who went looking for the Aseres hashvatim the ten lost tribes, to cities divided by a common fate.

Sorry ladies I dont read Binah magazine.

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