Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meeting at Hisachdus with Both Satmar Rebbes on Metzitza B'peh

At a  meeting of the Hisachdus harabanim yesterday which was attended by many Chasidisha Rebbe's including the Brothers of Satmar. It was decided that all  Rabbonim will give Drashos this coming shabbos and Shabbos Shuva to awaken, encourage and explain to the olam that there is no need to worry at all and that the pending decree will pass. 

 Satmar Rebbe R' Aron  said at the meeting, each rav should explain to parents, that if your doctor asks them Metzitza B'peh to not respond to him, because it's not their job to intervene in this mitzva.

 Satmar Rebbe R' Zalman L. asked that every Rav explain to the congregation that it is not a matter of Mesiras nefesh, as Mesiras nefesh is only applicable when there is a sakanah and danger. With Regards to the Issue of Metzizta There is no sakana to life here. The only ones who associated Metzitza Bpeh with Sakan are-   anti-Semites and haters of religion.

The rabbis also decided on further actions to be taken and will be announced to the public in the days and weeks ahead.

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