Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Divrei Chizuk as "Vinter zman" gets underway in the yeshiva world

 Winter Zman, is well underway in the Yeshiva world, Its the longest uninterrupted zman of the year.  Many yeshivos learn the yeshivishe mesechtos of Noshim and Nezikin, the shvere Sugyos of shas. It is a Zman were many have shteiged, were many can look back years later and point to that winter zman where they reached new levels of learning.

Rav Shteinman In his pesichas hazman shmuess at yeshiva Orchos HaTorah said, that Boruch hashem as the the the yeshivos resumed learning everything becomes much easier. He than spoke about the importance of being mekabel Shabbos early, especialy on the short Fridays during the winter months. Not to rush into Shabbos at the last second, rather be ready a half hour before the Shkiah. In the Zechus of shmiras Shabbos and limud hatorah may we be zoche to shteig in learning and Yiras shomayim.

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