Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time for Chabad to unite for Rubashkin

Satmar did it, so did the Litvish yeshiva world, they rallied and came together on behalf of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin a Lubavitcher chosid. The American livish newspaper the Yated Neeman keeps leading the way in fighting for justise on behalf of SMR. Satmar came together in making rallies all over the tri state area and collecting signatures on behalf of Rubashkin. Reb Sholom Mordechai has the zechus of bringing yidden together to fight for justice putting affiliations aside.

However  Despite many lubavichers fighting on behalf of SMR there has yet to be a unified representation from the lubavitch leadership defending and asking for justice on behalf of  Rubashkin. There were satmar Chasidim in the streets of crown heights collecting signatures last year in order to get the white house to look into the case. Perhaps the reason is that there is no unified leadership among chabad to come out together as one to fight for one of their own.

 Others have speculated that publicly rallying behind a suspected criminal would hurt the fundraising and public image of lubavitch. I hope thats only speculation but on his 53rd birthday it would be a big zechus if there is a strong showing of unity and support from within chabad on behalf of reb Sholom Mordcheh. while all legal avenues may or may not have been used, the koach of nesius ohl for someone from the mishpacha can go much further and bring a yeshuah.


  1. If this can't get them to unite, nothing can and it seems that nothing can.

  2. didnt rubashkin break the law?

    "suspected criminal"?? you mean convicted felon, right?

    what would be the purpose for this? Are there not many frum jews sitting in jail? only this one we should help and make a tummel?

    please explain

  3. His conviction is not proportionate with his crimes. The most should have been a few years not 27 years!!

  4. "His conviction is not proportionate with his crimes"

    what does that mean? the law is the law. it says you get x years for doing a particular crime. he did the crime, he gets x years! plus, he showed no remorse, no admitting, no apology....that wont help you in front of the judge!

    plus, the frum world rallied around him BEFORE the sentence was handed down....why? why him, and no others?

    I see this frum man, youlous, was just sentenced to 4 years....where is the fund raising to help his family? where was the defense money raised?? why not? why only this rubashkin chracter?

    I know why.....

  5. Rav s z aurbach זצל says pidyon shvyim doesn't apPly to one convicted in court) עילים לתראפה(

  6. אל תען כסיל כאיוולתו פן תשווה לו גם אתה