Monday, October 29, 2012

When and what bracha do you make on a Hurricane

From a Lakewood news site- Bracha for Hurricane sandy.
The Mechaber (227,1) paskens one makes the bracha of “oseh maaseh breishis” on very strong winds. Suffice it to say hurricane strength winds fall into the Mechaber’s category of strong winds. The question is how strong should the winds be to make the bracha at the ideal time.
Lakewood poskim have told us the tzibur should wait until there is sustained winds of over 60 mph. Since the storm is expected to intensify over the course of the day, one should wait until the evening hours when the wind will be howling at nearly 80 mph.
Tomorrow morning one doesn’t make a new bracha as it is the same storm as today


  1. And you make a beracha why? Are hurricanes good things?!

  2. I guess you did not like my comment? Please explain why someone in their right mind would say a beracha on such a curse?!

    1. Chazal in Gemara Berachos state regarding zeva’os that “when Hashem remembers His children who languish in distress among the nations of the world, He sheds two tears into the sea (yam ha-gadol) and its sound is heard from one end of the world to the other.” Rabbeinu Yona defines the term zeva’os as high winds accompanied by rain. Rabbeinu Chananel explains that this is done “in order to show the Jewish people that Hashem has not abandoned, forgotten, or deserted them and that He will return them in the future; He performs all this in order to strengthen their hearts so that they will not despair of experiencing the Redemption.” Indeed, may this act of remembrance result in the true and complete Redemption immediately!

    2. So, we should thank Hashem for earthquakes, floods,tornados, massacres etc, because this is about Hashem reminding us that He "has not abandoned, forgotten, or deserted" us?

    3. Hashem wants us to do teshuva and he sends us reminders.

    4. Would you tell this to an orphan who just lost his/her parent? Or a widow? Perhaps the teshuvah that Hashem requires of us is to be more respectful of the environment?