Thursday, October 18, 2012

The jewish Shabbos Goy!

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A fellow who was the official Shabbos goy, a Romanian cleaner named Boris, for the Nadvorna Rebbe of Bnei brak, and then later after a 3 year trip to Romania for the Seret Vishnitz community of Haifa, was determined to actually be a Jew. They determined his Jewishness by overhearing him talk about how his mother had lit candles on Friday nights, and then later hearing him singing Jewish songs he had seemingly learned in his youth. After an investigation, the chassidim brought the information to Rav Zoldan, the rav posek of the community, who continued the investigation and decided that Boris is Jewish and publicized the information to that effect. Boris was now out of a job, as they had to find a new Shabbos Goy. Wonder what happens to the Chometz that was sold to him?

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