Sunday, December 14, 2014

Meshulachim heading home for Chanuka

They arrived here in the US shortly after Sukkos and trekked acrross the country asking us for help. Our fellow brothers from Eretz yisrael unfortunately have to come on to us for help they are away from their mishpachos with the burden of parnassah on their mind. They rise at vasikin and dont stop making their rounds until late at night. Its not an easy task having to ask another person for something let alone to ask for money.

 Many will be returning home for Chanukah to be with their families for this special time of the year. Please when you see them within the next few days make sure to give them something be mechazek them let them be able to go home with simcha and not have to come running back here again. Its a zechus for us to give the m Tzedaka.
Tizku Lemitzvos!!


  1. Tell them to stay home and get jobs.

    1. Ehat ignorance!! Count your blessings and be happy with your lot. Not everyone is as fortunate as you. You hope to never have to come on to another person. The world will always have rich and poor.We are privileged to be able to be mekayem the mitzvah of tzadaka.

    2. there clearly will be haredim who will open hands to all; many others will be more selective with their hard-earned tzedaka dollar.....