Tuesday, December 9, 2014

VIDEO -First Har Nof now in Brooklyn at 770- Yeshiva Bochur stabbed

Bochur stabbed in 770
Collive.com A 22 year old Bochur Levi Rosenblatt (name for tehillim Levi Yitzchok ben Raizel for a refuah shleima), was stabbed in Chabad New York headquarters inside 770 Eastern Parkway.  At approximately 1:45 am, according to witnesses who were sitting in 770 Eastern Parkway - Lubavitch Headquarters, a black male entered with a serrated 9-inch kitchen knife, police said. Watch video below of  NYPD cops shoot suspect inside chabad Lubavitch synogogue

One bochur saw him and shouted at him to drop the knife, but he approached a bochur who was standing near the bima, and stabbed him once in the neck, witnesses described. Bystanders also reported hearing the attacker shout "kill the Jews."

Flagged down by witnesses, cops then ran into 770 and demanded that he drop the knife. After a standoff with police at gunpoint, he did drop the knife, but after a few moments grabbed it again. He then lunged at the cop, who shot him in the torso.

Hatzalah treated the victim, 22-year-old Levi Rosenblatt, a resident of Betar Illit, Israel, who is learning in "Kvutza" in 770, who was taken to the hospital. He is conscious and is reportedly in stable condition. Both the victim and the assailant were transported to Kings County Hospital. Assailint ied at the hospital identified as Calvin Peters, 49.

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