Sunday, December 7, 2014

Do the ends justify the means for frum Org's online marketing?

A promotional you tube video that is not at the highest tznius standards, a campaign with ad banners featuring a NBA player in uniform, these are only but a few examples of frum organizations marketing fundraising events. None of these type of ads would print in the frum papers why is it muttar on the internet?

The video, is promoting awareness for children that are sick with yeneh machla R''L. It was advertised on so called frum websites, obviously targeting and meant for the heimishe olam to view. The NBA player in an ad banner promoting a basketball event for  kiruv, also viewed on many frum websites and blogs. Why is there a double standard when it comes to what the frum community is exposed to. If  rabbonim  approve of the content why dont we see the same in the print media. If it is not within the standards of the Frum heimish and yeshiva world crowds why is it ok to post it online?

Its obvious that on the internet anything goes, there are no standards and guidelines for even the most frum heimish yeshivish mosdos. Its a wild west out there but the frum community deserves better than what it is currently exposed to by "trusted" frum websites and blogs.


  1. These organization's have license to do whatever they want, after all were talking about little sick children nebach...
    If you open your mouth in protest, the automatic retort is "how would you like to have a kid sick like that?!!"
    People are simply scared to say anything about these organization's raising money selling chaser treif, lest they be looked down upon as someone with no heart. And yes im sorry to say
    many rabonim are scared of the same thing

  2. Boohoo! I guess we're just not as frum as you are. You can run your organizations how you like, they will run them how they like, and we'll see who succeeds. Of course Hashem will only allow the right ones to succeed. Also, it's kind of hard to put a promotional video in a magazine

    1. Success does not mean its right. There are many ways treif ways to make money, does that mean its ok? Do the ends justify the means?
      There's a G-D. there's a torah. There's Judaism. Not everything is about money....