Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sufganiyot, Chanuka Doughnunt's not as "oily' as they used to be

Growing up, around the Chanuka menorah and the dreidel playing were those delicious Doughnuts or latkes frying in the kitchen waiting to be served hot to all those gathered around the table. The Doughnuts were fried and rich with oil as was the costume to eat oily foods on Chanuka. Recently this most important staple of the Chanuka festival   has been commercialized. The bakeries cant give them the oily taste that mom would put into it. Some don't put any oil in it at all. Its missing the yiddisher taam of a chanuka doughnut. 

all we ask that they please bring back the original oily chanuka doughnut.

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  1. yes, please bring back the days of clogged arteries and triple bipass surgery.