Friday, February 1, 2013

Agudah to launch website??

In an effort to increase communication with its members, the Agudath Israel of America Director of communications sent out a survey HERE. Some of the questions posed were:
 How likely are you to check an Agudath Israel website?  
How likely are you to download an Agudath Israel app on your mobile device?  
How likely are you to subscribe to an RSS feed of Agudath Israel news?
It appears that allthough it maybe from the few remaining jewish organizations not to have a website, The Agudah may decide its time to launch their own website. In an Article HERE we explained why a Agudah website would be important. Of course it will be up to the Moetzes to make the call.



  1. It will come. Sooner or later. Then we can retire. :-)

    Remember just a few short years ago how bad Texting was? Many Klei Kodesh are using this technology now.

    Agudah I

    Agudha II

  2. Um, wouldn't this be the height of hypocrisy?

    1. First, Agudah never signed or advocated against the Web. Second,If gedolim decide that is not hypocrisy.

  3. The choices we make on the computer and the internet are no different than any other of the hundreds of choices we have to make everyday. We can walk out of the house and choose to go to a makom pritzus or a makom kodesh. We can pick up the phone to do chesed or speak lashon hara. We can go to a treif restaurant or a kosher one. R'Avraham Twersky openly speaks about having a television to watch football. Very few objects are inherently good or bad, it all depends on how we choose to use them.
    Ariella Abrahams

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Here's the deal. In our greatest moment of weakness, we would not enter a treif restaurant.
      Nor would we go to a place of pritzus.
      Why? Shame and embarrassment.

      In the privacy of our own home, or hand there isn't any deterrent of embarrassment.