Friday, February 8, 2013

Ami magazine- Mayor Koch asked a Sheilah to be buried in non Jewish Cemetery

 This weeks issue of Ami Magazine Feb 6, 2013, there is an interview with Mr. Abe Biderman a noted askan who worked hand in hand with Mayor Ed Koch for several years. He said, Mr. Koch was a Oheiv Yisrael and a very proud Jew. Asked how that statement fits with the Jewish mayors decision to be buried in Trinity Cemetery which is not a Jewish cemetery. Mr. Biderman responded how he personally argued with the former Mayor about that. 

Mayor Koch was adamant about not leaving Manhattan and there were no open Jewish cemeteries in Manhattan. You cant be buried in a christian cemetery ! said Mr. Biderman to which the mayor replied that he had asked a sheilah. He had asked Rabbi Maurice Lamm author of the book (The Jewish way in Death and Mourning) who told him that if he separates himself Daled Amos from other Matzeivos and puts a fence around the plot than hes allowed to do it. 

 Its actually a non- denominational cemetery its not strictly a christian cemetery Koch insisted that he had asked a Rabbi and he could do it. He didn't ask too many Sheilos.

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