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Shidduchim, segulos tefilos, websites, general information, Lists of Shadchanim and places to go.

Tu B'Av 5775- In response to the so called shidduch crisis we present general shidduch information that can be helpful for both parents and singles currently in the parsha. While most of the yeshiviah world and torah community deal with the parsha the old fashion way with a shadchan and a telephone, there are resources available online that can save time and make the process easier.  Many new  indirect shidduch websites have been developed and geared especially for the yeshiva community with backing of Rabbonim.

Shidduch shadchan site
Shidduch website   
Shidduch dating website
General shidduch info
List of shidduch age boys
References for boys- rebbeim in yeshivo
List of shadchanim 
Places to go on shidduch dates

Segulos and Tefillos for Shidduchim

  • Recite all of Shir HaShirim every day for forty days (preferably after chatzos, or before sunrise)
  • Daven for 40 consecutive days at the Kosel
  • Recite from Nishmas Kol Chai (נשמת כל חי) until the end of of Shabbos Pesukei D'Zimrah (פסוקי דזמרה) at the Kotel, at midnight.
  • Daven at the kever (grave) of Rabbi Yonasan ben Uziel in Amukah, Israel (neat Tsfat)
  • Daven on behalf of someone else who needs a shidduch
  • Collect shards from plates broken at the signing of tena'im
  • Recite the tehillim listed below each day (see below)
  • Recite all of Sefer Tehillim at chatzos (halachic midnight) on Purim night
  • Recite Shiras HaYam (the song of the crossing of the Red Sea) with great concentration. (Sefer Hamidos)
  • Recite the Torah section dealing with the inaugural sacrifices brought by the heads of the Twelve Tribes. (Numbers, Chapt. 7:1-7:89) (Rabbi Nachman of Breslov)
  • Recite Perek Shira every each day
  • Study the halachos of Shmiros HaLashon (see below)
  • Give tzedakah to Hachnosas Kallah funds
  • Become a teacher (or tutor) of Torah
  • Do mitzvos or minhagim that will increase your love for Hashem
  • Receive the Chasan Breishis (חתן בראשית) aliyah on Simchas Torah
  • Obtain a bracha for marriage from a tzadik or your rebbe
  • Increase the intensity of your tefilos
  • (Men: Recite Kiddush Levanah, the sanctification of the New Moon)
  • (Women: Hold the candle during havdalah. The height of the raised candle will be the height of your chasan. Or so they say :-))
 Tefillos for finding a shidduch HERE
32 38 70 71 72 82 121 124   
Note: It's especially propitious to recite Psalm 121 before stepping back after the Shemoneh Esrei.

Shidduch Blogs HERE


  1. Interesting links. It seems strange that years ago people didn't have issues making shidduchim, and now with all the internet help, we are having problems.

    I thank you for compiling this list, but if you have any contacts with the owners of these websites, I would recommend listing the position of the person on the references page.

    Also, spelling general as generel will not go to far with sophisticated girls. :-)

    1. On the reference list if you click on a specific yeshiva it will give you the hanahala members of Rosh yeshiva to contact for information about a Bochur.
      Thanks for the correction :)

    2. My point is that it names members of the Hanhala, but it doesn't tell you if they are the RY, the Mashgiach, or the custodian.

      to=too in my comment above. :-)

  2. It's not surprising there's a shidduch crisis. If people are doing all those "segulos" (sic) when will they have time to go out on dates?

  3. It's a big segula to wear thick gloves when your pick up shards of broken tenoim plate.

  4. One of the off shoots of the shidduch crisis is the divorce crisis. Girls are sometimes so anxious to get married, they marry and overlook some flaws which they would have never done if they were not so desperate . The first question should be, is the boy or girl normal or does he or she exhibit some mental problems. Many rebbeim will not tell you so you have to be careful.

  5. Is there a link to find out if the teacher aand rabbeim of a particular yeshiva or school are capable of giving over info about a perspective student?

  6. Was always curious about that havdalah candle. Any sources?