Thursday, July 9, 2015

Young Boro Park Father Gives Kidney to CH Mother of 5

On Tuesday, July 7th, Sharon Sabbagh, a Crown Heights mother of five who suffered from kidney failure and was close to going on dialysis, was given a second chance at life thanks to a kind stranger – a young Munkacher Chosid from Boro Park with a child of his own.

Sharon’s children all volunteered to donate a kidney for her, but none of them were deemed a proper match fit for the procedure.

The young man, Chaim Elazar, was inspired to donate a kidney after his brother did so four years ago. The kidney transfer was facilitated by Renewal, an organization that works to find organ donors for patients in need. “Chaim Elazar’s enthusiasm for this mitzvah was enviable,” Menachem Friedman of Renewal told

Boruch Hashem the procedure was a complete success, sparing Sharon the agony and health risk of prolonged dialysis.

Both the donor and recipient agreed to publicize this story in the hopes of inspiring others to follow Chaim Elazar’s lead and do the same.

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