Thursday, July 2, 2015

Yated Ne'eman finds innovative way to save money for mosdos with mazel tov ad

When a  Supporter and Tomech tzedaka of many worthy causes  makes a simcha the yeshivos and mosdos ,would put in full page or even double page mazal tov ads for the simcha in the newspapers. A nice gesture and kavod for a gvir who supports Torah and chesed. However the pressure on mosdos to put in these ads, costs money too. Recently a well know baal tzedaka of many yeshivos and tzedaka organizations made a simcha, the Yated came up with a great way to make it affordable for the organizations while at the same time giving proper kavod and honor to the supporters of Torah. There is only one ad in the centerfold were all yeshivos and mosdos put their logos or small mazel tov messages. Hopefully this will make it easier for the organizations to show their hakoras hatov without spending too much money.

1 comment:

  1. FYI Yated charged $1300 to each Mosad for their "listing"
    (I made a fuss so they offered for $1000. I not-so-politely refused)