Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rav Shteinman on the recent snow storm to hit the Northeast

Rav Shteinman
Rav Aaron Leib Shteinman when told about the approaching storm to hit the northeast he davened that no yid should be harmed he than said jokingly that in America they were waiting for dollars to fall but snow fell instead.
He remarked how the US has now  become a country Full of Torah learning specifically in the glorified city of  Lakewood. Despite the flourishing of Torah in America much improvement needs to be made regarding the issue of Tznius which the rosh yeshiva did not elaborate on.


  1. Fotheringay-PhippsJanuary 29, 2015 at 7:30 PM

    How much does RALS know about tznius in America?

  2. It seems to me that America is full of assimilation. Most Jews are totally disconnected from Torah and have no contact with religious Jews, at all. Even the religious Jews are at least partially assimilated as is proven by the pieces you post saying that even religious Jews are swept up by the Super Bowl.
    Yes, there are islands of intense Torah study, but it seems so many religious Jews simply ignore that large majoirty of assimilated Jews .
    Here in Israel, religious and non-religious Jews bump into each other all the time, we live together and the state brings us together with mutual responsibilites. We have to learn to geta along tother. In America people seem to pretend that these non-religious Jews don't exist and so claims are made that "American is 'frummer' than Israel".
    There is actually far, FAR more Torah in Israel than in the US and the average level of observance and connection to Torah is much higher, and even many non-religious Jews have at least some level of knowledge and observance.

    1. actually in israel the secular are taught and indoctrined at a yung age to deespise religion and the religious. the secular papers are all full of venom against the religious and there is state-sanctioned discrimination against the religious and open attempts to secularize them by forcing them into the zionist military industrial complex. most secular do not bump into religious all the time because the country is for the most part segregated.
      in america most secular have little to do with the religious but are not trained to hate them and don't feel the need to try to change them and force their failed ideas onto them.
      i have never heard anyone make a claim that America is frummer than Israel. I would conjecture that the main reason Israeli "haredim" are "frummer" than Americans is because they are constantly under a barriage of attacks from the secular so they retreat into themselves and stay much more insulated from outside influences.

    2. I was waiting for something like this. What you are saying is absolute nonsense, and I would be interested who is spreading propaganda like this. It is in your interest to find out because if your sources are lying to you about this, what else are they lying to you about in order to "keep you in line". Torat Israel is Torat EMET and spreading lies about Am Israel and Eretz Israel is a major aveirah, as I am sure you know from reading parshat Shlach. Or is what is written in the Torah of no interest to you, just propaganda that makes you feel good about living in the Galut?

    3. you also live in "galut" until moshiach comes. and you also believe lies about american jewry and spread lies about am yisroel in your comment bro. torah is emes no matter where it is learned. stop being so silly and simple and believing things even the national religious gave up on after gush katif.