Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New York Times Smears Orthodox Jews, Violates Own Policies

Algemeiner “F.B.I. Questions Police Leaders Amid Inquiry Into Businessmen Linked to de Blasio” is the headline of aNew York Times dispatch.  It takes the Times only two paragraphs before injecting the religion of the businessmen into the article — about what the paper describes, based on anonymous sources, as a federal corruption investigation involving the New York police. Here’s how the Times puts it:
Some of the questions centered on allegations of free meals and trips given to police officials by members of Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn. But the agents were more focused on two Orthodox businessmen with ties to Mayor Bill de Blasio, according to the three people, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation. 
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  1. Rabbi Steven Pruzansky said:

    “In the genocidal war being waged against the Jewish people, the New York Times is an accomplice.”


    People who purchase the New York Times are also accomplices, because their purchases support the New York Times financially, so the NYT can continue its relentless anti-Jewish propaganda.
    It is my sincere personal belief that people who purchase the New York Times will be PUNISHED for it on Yom HaDin, the Great Day of Judgment. This will include thousands of Jews who claim to be Orthodox, who continue the purchase the New York Times even though they should know better.
    I sincerely urge all people who still purchase the New York Times to repent before it is too late.

  2. Lets call a spade a spade. Suppose these 2 orthodox jews were the winners of a huge lottery ir they were the donors to a new hospital in the ny area then it wouldn't bother you if the nyt used the words orthidox jews. As a matter of fact you and everyone would love it and cheer the nyt but now that its "negative" publicity, for the Orthodox jews then you get upset and start cursing out the nyt. You have a terrible double standard. Its a 2 way street buddy.

    1. True the thing is they somehow only mention the religion of the Jewish person in a story when it's bad news. It's not just NY times that does this. You will find that any positive story about a Jewish person rarely mentions his religion. One recent example is Rechnitz when he donated money in the airport so soldiers could all gave a hearty meal. The article said Los Angeles businessman for all you know he could have been anyone... Didn't mention Jewish orthodox....