Monday, April 18, 2016

Of Falafel and Herring

Have we lost our ..falafels? The tabloidization of the frum news websites and online media keeps sinking to new lows. In a competitive market for ratings and hits the content keep on getting shallow, lower and sicker emulating the secular media. First a story of a stabbing over a "shtikle herring" made its rounds getting hits and clicks for everyone's enjoyment. Not to soon after came a newsworthy story, about  a noted philanthropist if he likes chumus in his falafel pita sandwich or not. The websites reported it about in in a round about way poking fun of the initial photo report in an Israeli website for mixing up the two philanthropic brothers. Needless to say this is what frum news has become. This is the kosher news protecting us from the secular media.

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