Sunday, April 10, 2016

Whatsapp message brings in thousands of dollars to shuls

A message on  whatsapp and other social media made its rounds going viral in the frum circles, the result thousands of dollars was raised for many shuls. The message was about a Special Segulah for Yeshuos this Shabbos during Pesichah for three Sifrei Torah  which is a rare occurrence. This week was parshas Tazria, Rosh chodesh and parshas hachodesh. Its brought down from the sefer heichalos written by the tannah Rav Yishmael Kohen Gadol, there is a special shaar in shamayim that only opens when there is a pesicha for 3 seforim. As a result in many shuls pesicha this shabbos was auctioned off for thousands of dollars. This segula is not new and was known to many previously but with social media it reached thousands who heared it for the first time prompting many to bid for pesicha  in shul this shabbos. Other times when we lein 3 kriahs from the sefer torah is shabbos Chanukah that falls out on Rosh chodesh or parshas shekalim that falls out on rosh chodesh.


  1. what about if you are in a shul that is only using one (or two) sforim and is rolling for the other parts? Does it work because it is such a shabbos, or will it only work if in fact 3 sforim are removed? A kasha

    1. It works just as well. The inyan is a kriah from 3 places.