Monday, June 6, 2016

4 years since the Internet Asifa at Citifield- a look back

The internet Asifa at Citified took place 4 years ago on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan. A lot has changed since then. The asifa message keeps on changing as new challenges arise. Rabbanim are continuing with follow up asifos to the constant battle of the dangers of technology. The battle today is not the same battle as it was 4 years ago The asifa took place in 2012 now its 2016. Awareness was made regarding filtering devices and securing it from children. WhatsApp was not around back then, today it is used by many in the frum circles. Social media has now taken over the internet. The content of videos and jokes passed around daily has dulled our sensitivities and lowered the tznius bar. Frum news websites no longer report news or tackle the issues, they have become tabloids in a competitive market to provide non stop entertainment. Agudah which still does not have an official website, has used social media and the web in spreading their mission and marketing events and goings on. Live streaming shiurim, levayos r"l and other events online is now the norm and expected. Yet the battle over the yetzer hora continues as it always has for thousands of years. looking back, the message at the  Internet asifa may not be up with the times but the grandiose event in itself had an impact to always be on alert as new challenges arise.

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