Thursday, June 9, 2016

Starbucks Testing Kosher-Certified Dairy at 10 Stores in NY, NJ in Bid to Attract Jewish Customers

JP, Starbucks, the biggest coffee-drinks retailer with thousands of chain stores around the world, is testing the addition of Super Kosher (Cholov Yisroel) dairy in 10 stores in New York and New Jersey, and they will use Pride of the Farm Milk, which is certified Cholov Yisroel by STAR-K, in a move to attract Jewish customers. “As part of our commitment to bring our customers food and beverages that are locally relevant, in the neighborhoods where we do business, Starbucks is currently testing the addition of Super Kosher (Cholov Yisroel) dairy in 10 stores in New York and New Jersey. As a company, we often test products to gather feedback from our customers and partners,” a company spokesperson told JP on Tuesday.

“Starbucks is indeed providing Cholov Yisroel in some stores. While we of course don’t certify the store or this program we are aware that Starbucks has decided to be using only CY in those stores as a service,” Rabbi Zvi Holland of STAR-K told JP. The Pride of the Farm Milk brand itself is indeed certified Cholov Yisroel by STAR-K, he said.

The stores that will have Cholov Yisroel will not have Cholov Stam — which is ordinary milk — in order to prevent a mix up, Rabbi Holland said.

Starbucks, in an email, provided the location of the 10 stores where it is testing the kosher-certified milk:

316 Rockaway Turnpike, Cedarhurst, NY
1344 Broadway, Hewlett, NY
4701 Route 9 Space T1B, Howell NJ
2100 Highway, Oakhurst, NJ
1865 Route 70, Lakewood, NJ
2860 Lakewood RD, Toms River, NJ
1927 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
341 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY
166 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
164 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY


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