Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dem VP pick Tim Kaine at Jewish American Heritage Celebration


  1. Beyond the surfaceJuly 24, 2016 at 8:46 AM

    A nice feel good speech. Tim Kaine talks about the Bible. But is he for Biblical values? The Democrat party is pushing toeivah, abomination, on America, trying to force it on us using the power of law and government. That doesn't fit in with the Bible, no way.

    Talk is cheap. The actions of the Democrats, re religious freedom for example, doesn't match that rhetoric.

    Ezra Friedlander is promoting himself and his PR business, which is in bed with the Democratic party, which appointed him to run the "Jewish Heritage" event. But let us not be fooled. Ezra Friedlander's business interests are not the same as Jewish and Torah interests and values. We need to keep that in mind and keep a distance from his PR operations. And/or charge him for advertising, instead of giving him free infomercials.

  2. To show you what a phony thing Friedlander's "Jewish American Heritage" event is, one of the people he honored was "Rabbi" Marc Schneier of the Hampton synagogue, a five times married philanderer, a man who was thrown out of the Rabbinical Council of America not long ago. But Ezra Friedlander honors him. What a disgrace.

    See Democrat party V.P. nomineee Tim Kaine and Ezra Friedlander honoring the disgraceful, walking chillul Hashem Marc Schneier, in this video -

    Do people have no shame? This is who they honor?


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