Thursday, July 14, 2016

For frum abuse activists its open season for bashing charedim

Hypocrisy at its best the activists for victims of abuse are sooo concerned about our children you would think they cared about the Jewish family, about safety, and about other laws of the Torah. Yet, they seem to have set their own rules and under the banner of protecting the kids they use a blanket heter to besmirch the way of life of frum Jews. Unfortunately for some they have used the abuse issue to advance their careers. This was posted on the Facebook page of a so called activist and someone who stands up for victims of abuse. "Eliminate or reduce section 8, wick,food stamps and every single form of govt subsidies and hand outs. Stop promoting people to have children they cannot afford to support and demand people take personal responsibility for their livelihood Without government money greedy scumbag develops a wont be able to build trash housing that will ultimately be paid for with taxpayer dollars. And last but not least , learn to respect zoning and building codes. Anyone building multi family illegal apartments should be thrown in jail."
You would expect such comments on an anti Semitic website but this proves the notion that some of these activists are not concerned about the children but just use the emotional abuse issue to get accolades from the haters of Torah all while continuing to promote themselves. The unfortunate machla of child abuse is found in cross sections of our community but you'll never find the online activists openly bash the MO coverups or that of other institutions of their hashkafic background. Its very telling what the true intentions are here.


  1. Why did Yanky work so hard to fight against a book about child safety? The book talking about private places is a great book for parents to teach children about personal space and safety. Yet He took the author to Beis din and there was an ikul on the book for about a year. B"H since than the book has been flying off the shelves. You would expect him to praise the work and to push it. but dont tell anyone.. project yes had a book published by the very same author on child safety before she published another one. Is it all about royalties and $$$ or are we here to protect the children?

  2. Ill never forget what was told to me about happened in the clasroom in Monsey. The Rebbe imitated a little boy who was deaf and made fun of his speech to the entire class. That kid is ashamed to this very day he got married has a beautiful family but the anger and pain when he recounts the story is so palpable .. today this rebbe is a activist fighting for victims of abuse. Throwing stones from glass houses.

    1. wasn't he 8th grade?

    2. Yes the kid had a older brother and when he came in to the class room to visit his older brother the rebbe imitated his speech and laughed out loud about it to the entire class. f that is not abuse what is? This Rebbe is no longer employed but hes a career champion for victims of sexual abuse lecturing all over about it. hint hint

    3. It was in YSV 25 yrs ago guess who was the rebbe.....

  3. Lots of people love to attack Orthodox Jews because they believe that doing so justifies their own sinful behaviour. This is a bog mistake, for many reasons.

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  4. Babylonian Talmud, tractate Avodah Zarah, page 18B:

    Rabbi Ketina taught:

    Whoever mocks, his wealth is decreased...

  5. Sefer Chasidim, chapter 530:

    Sometimes poverty comes on a person because he was supposed to pray for people, but he did not.

  6. Please tell me: In that rant you quoted, exactly what demand is against Torah values? Are you saying we should become dependent on the government on purpose, look to exploit poverty, ignore zoning codes and build unsafe homes and schools