Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Yes we made it

The image of two frum guys on Americas got Talent TV show at first seems like a nice thing, Jewish pride, look, we have 2 guys with white shirts and tzitzis hanging performing on AGT. Not only did they woo the crowd they got a yes from 4 judges and move on to the next round. They are talented beatboxers whatever that means. Yes its fun its entertaining,its harmless (its may even be kosher), but, is this really where frum Jews in the US should be at?
Its a sad reflection of how comfortable we are and how far we have been influenced by the society around us.


  1. Did they have to wear Yarmulkahs instaed of caps?
    Did they have to announce that they met at the Kotel?
    Did they have to wear white shirts?
    Did they have to wear their religious garb - Tzitzit - out, instead of insie their pants? Why did they do this in the Gentile's TV set?

  2. Elie Wiesel Attacked by New York Times:

    Jews should stop reading the Jew-hating Israel-bashing New York Times.