Thursday, July 14, 2016

Members of Nice Jewish community in vicinity of attack in France Others miraculously saved

The French Jewish community of Nice has released the following names of members who were in the vicinity of the Truck ramming terrorist attack in France. Please daven for them names for Tehillim.
John Dray                                ג'ון דרי
Dominique Azan                 דומיניק אזן
Axel ben Yael                  אקסל בן יעל
Moche ben Yaakov        מוכה בן יעקב
Clara bat Nouna          קלרה בת נואנה
Yonathan ben Zuzy 
Local Chabad shliach Rav Yosef  Pinson related, there was a group of day camp counselors for the Nice Jewish community children who were watching the fireworks. They walked onto a side street just minutes before the truck rammed down the main road. The local Chabad shliach said they were in shock and getting psychological help.

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