Sunday, August 7, 2016

Headlines show gets permission from Rabbonim to broadcast interview with Open Orthodoxy YCT head

 David Lichtenstein's headlines radio show featured Asher Lopatin of chovevei torah, open Orthodoxy head with permission to air it from, Rav Dovid Cohen and the Novominsker Rebbe. Lichtenstein said he would be non judgmental and let the listeners make their own decisions. On the show Lopitan claimed Open orthodoxy is just like Modern orthodoxy with the idea of not being afraid of challenges around us and welcome contemporary challenges and thrive with them and embrace them. Lichtenstein brought up concerns  the orthodox world has with open orthodoxy regarding changes in halacha, Lopitan spun it and and said its only issues of aesthetics. He was than asked about statements made by open orthodoxy leader Zev Farber (afra lepumei) who claimed the Avos are not our forefathers, the 12 shevatim didnt exist, yetzias mitzrayim didn't exist according to historical facts. Lopitan dosent defend farbers claims but then spins and says you should sit down and talk and its good to have these questions. While Lichtenstein's intentions may have been to show how far this movement has gone, its questionable if even giving them a platform is the smart thing since they spin and justify the very remarks they were quoted on. Lopitan also defended remarks from Yisachar Katz "Biblical fiction it is a record of gods conversation with fictionalized characters" saying  the Torah is not a book of history its much more significant. Not that its not true but it has a deeper message. To give some balance Lichtenstein also interviewed Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer who writes frequently criticizing the open orthodox movement.


  1. Rabbi David Ashear:

    “There are many people who have reason to complain, but they walk around with a smile, happy and content, and in doing so, they
    create a Kiddush HaShem”

    Living Emunah (chapter 4, page 32) by Rabbi David Ashear, year 2014, published by ArtScroll, ISBN-10: 142261512X ISBN# 9781422615126

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  2. Rabbi Gil Student said:

    “Open Orthodoxy lacks all caution.
    They change first and evaluate impact later.”

    SOURCE: More on Partnership Minyanim, by Gil Student, 2014/3/3

  3. Mr. Lichtenstein dropped the ball on this one he should not have let them get away with it.

  4. Who said these Rabbonim approved it? Was there a writing?

  5. Fotheringay-PhippsAugust 8, 2016 at 2:11 PM

    I agree with the prior comment and am skeptical as to whether these rabbonim approved. Even if they did, it's a mistake anyway. There's no need to have all this focus on Open Orthodoxy. Just enough so that people know they are michutz lemachaneh, but not more.

  6. Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski MD taught:

    One of the reasons we do not achieve our maximum mental potential is because we squander our mental energies on devarim betailim [useless words or activities].

    SOURCE: Let Us Make Man (chapter 25, page 133) by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski MD, year 1987, ISBN-13: 978-0933711013 ISBN-10: 0933711018