Sunday, August 14, 2016

Video: Tisha B'av Tales

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  1. The Power of Thanking HaShem by Mr. Cohen

    This true short story happened to me on 2016 August 10:

    I went to a hardware store to make three sets of keys.
    After the three sets of keys were made, I left the hardware store.

    When I arrived at my destination, the third set of keys was missing.

    I checked all my pockets and my knapsack and any place where I might have put them – more than once. I could not find them at my destination, so I thought that I must have left them in the hardware store.

    On my way back to the hardware store, I thanked HaShem for giving me the new keys. Then I thanked HaShem in advance for helping me find the lost keys. Less than five seconds later, the lost keys popped out of a compartment in my knapsack that I never noticed before, right before my eyes. The lost keys were found!

    Before I conclude my true short story, please allow me to point out that this was not the first time that I thanked HaShem that day; it was the 30th or 40th time that I thanked HaShem that day. If it would have been the first time that day that I thanked HaShem, I do not know if the results would have been the same.

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