Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mishpacha magazine ad has pictures of women, oversight or new trend?

Social media and bloggers were busy pointing out an ad in last weeks Mishpacha magazine. The Jewish Mothers of  Laniado Hospital Cook-Off ad on page 33 of the Family First section had pictures of ladies faces.  it's against their policy, and most ppl imagine it was an oversight, and expect to see a notice in next week's edition apologizing for the error. In the same issue they had a tribue article to Rebbetzin Shoshana Schechter A'H but printed no photo of her, only a picture of her husband the Rosh yeshiva shlita.


  1. DID YOU KNOW...

    In South Korea, it is considered good manners to acknowledge an older person by standing when that person enters a room.

    SOURCE: Business Etiquette Third Edition (page 174) by Ann Marie Sabath, year 2010 CE, Career Press, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

  2. Chaim Berlin showed pictures of women in its Story of A Century publication.
    They still have mixed tables at their dinner and they show it in their newsletter.