Friday, August 26, 2016

Found!! safe and sound: Two bochurim missing from Camp Stolin missing in Bear mountain state park in NY

9:30 am Updated: The boys were found safe and sound after spending the night in the forest. They are doing well in good health. B''H
Earlier report:
Please daven for Moshe Tzvi Ben Esther and Yosef Yitzchok Ben Rina, the 2 bochrim missing in Bear Mountain Park.
 From NBC News: Two teenagers from Brooklyn hiking with a summer camp group in the 5,025-acre Bear Mountain Park on the west side of the Hudson River in Rockland County were reported missing Thursday, according to police and published reports.
The boys broke away from the group to take a shortcut down the mountain during a trip with about two dozen other hikers from Stoliner Camp in Highland, but never reconnected, according to Volunteers from the boys' Brooklyn community turned out in force to search for them Thursday night, the website reported, but State Police held them at bay until daylight for safety reasons. Authorities canvassed the area overnight, and the search was continuing Friday.

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