Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mishpacha magazine took a gamble on Hillary, but Trump won

It looked as if Hillary Clinton was going to be elected president of the united states. For the frum print media the great dilemma was do we or dont we print her picture. most frum Torah oriented newspapers and magazines have a policy of not printing any pictures of woman. Perhaps for Hillary it was time  to make an exception, and that is what the Mishpacha magazine did. After consulting with their rabbinical board they put a picture of Hillary Clinton on the front cover it was a touched up photo with some graphics but the statement was made. For the next 4 years, Hillary Clinton as president will have her picture printed in the paper. This change in policy outraged other frum publications and were upset that Mishpacha has unilaterally broken the no woman photo rule. In the end Donald Trump shocked the world and is now president elect to be the 45th president of the USA. The papers breathed a sigh of relief they dodged a bullet, while Mishpacha  might have jumped the gun on this,  its safe to say for now that the next first lady  will not have her picture printed in any frum Torah newspaper.


  1. That would be funny a picture of Melania Trump on the front cover of a Chardi magazine.

  2. Mr. Tomim Lightstone blaming Mishpacha for Hampdia's disgusting attack. Hamodia gambled in their attack, and look had. Really bad.

    1) Mishpacha magazine may do as they choose.
    2) Hamodia looks terrible for their disgusting move.
    3) Hamodia has still never forgiven Mishpacha for opening up and taking a bite out of their monopoly. Monopoly no more.

    Mr. Lighstone will probably take three days to let this comment through.

  3. Some people are shocked or surprised that Donald Trump won, because the news media was predicting a victory for Hillary Clinton.

    I am not shocked or surprised because I figured out a long time ago that the so-called “news media” is totally prejudiced and relentlessly biased in favor of Liberal & Leftist causes, and they are perfectly willing to mislead the public to advance their Liberal & Leftist causes, including false poll results, that are intended to discourage people from voting for candidates that they dislike.

    In other words, the so-called “news media” does not simply report the facts, like they should; instead they report a narrative that complies with the beliefs and goals of Liberals & Leftists.

    In conclusion, let us all stop pretending that we have an unbiased or reliable or truthful news media, because the news media is as corrupt as the most worst politicians.