Wednesday, July 18, 2012

August 1st 2012, date of Siyum hashas, date of drafting yeshiva bochrim goes into effect

August 1st the day of the Siyum Hashas has now become the day that all Charedim would be drafted into the Israeli army. With the Tal law set to expire on that day, Israeli FM Avigdor Lieberman is calling on equality for all to share the burden of serving in the Israeli army. If the law is not changed or upheld by that day which dosent seem likely, than the current status of all citizens serving as of 1949 will go into effect. There will be no deferments for yeshiva Bochrim at all. It is unlikely that this will happen though, since PM Netanyahu has several options to postpone the expiration of the Tal law for a while and will most probably call early elections.

With the Siyum of daf yomi taking place on  August 1st , there is no doubt the Gedolim will address the issue and speak about the sakanah facing the bnei hayeshivos in Eretz yisrael and the torah world at large.

Ironically the former chief rabbi of Israel Rabbi Yisrael M. Lau is set to speak at the Siyum as well. Although he spoke in support of the yeshivos, there are some who feel that since he represents and is an ambassador for the state of Israel, the agudah should not be giving him a speaking slot at the siyum hashas at this sensitive time.


  1. I assume that Rav Lau is not in favor of drafting Yeshiva Bochurim. So why should he not be invited to speak?

    1. true hes not in favor ,but he is representative of the Israeli Government. The Siyum hashas in Israel will never invite him to speak there. Why should America be any different.

    2. Because American Jewry hasn't made the sad mistake of tying themselves up in knots based on the affiliations of one good Yid or another.

    3. thanks MiriamS

  2. I'm pretty sure that Rav Lau's son, Rav David Lau (Rav of Modi'in) served in the army in totchanim (artillery).

    Some how he still turned out to be an immense talmid Chacham.

  3. isnt part of the purpose of this siyum to bring achdus among JEWS????? are we not representing the same TORAH regardless of our POLITICAL views? how many in the holocaust were saved just because they were this or that type of JEW????? HITLER yemach shmo vzichro didnt make any differences did he???? do you think HASHEM really cares about they type of kippah, kappel, yarmulke, hat, shtreimel etc we are wearing????? all he wants to see is us learning l'shma the Torah that He gave us - isnt that what we ALL did to be a part of this great SIYUM????? lets stop looking at each other with those DAGGERS and start uniting for the cause.... or did we forget what that was????