Friday, July 13, 2012

"הפלס" new competing Litvish newspaper launches inagural issue

לוגו "הפלס" - נחשף: כך יראה המתחרה של 'יתד נאמן'

 "Hapeles" which means straight or level, is the name of new newspaper launched today in Eretz Yisrael serving   the  Torah yeshiva community. The ousted editors of  the Israeli Yated Neeman have regrouped and published an alternative paper. They claim to have over 3000 subscribers. Although they consider themselves to be a mouthpiece for the torah community in the direction of harav shach Z'L, many roshei yeshiva are not in support of this new paper. 

As reported here  Many leading roshei yeshiva were not happy with the direction the former editors were taking at the Yated Neeman. They ousted the editors and made changes to the paper.

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