Friday, July 20, 2012

Speakers for Siyum hashas not finalized, Viznitz rebbe from Monsey issues call to Chasidim

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It appears with all the planning of the Siyum hashas to take place iyh on August 1st 2012. The program and Schedule has yet to be finalized. A lot of buzz was created With  the report that Rav Shteinman might attend the siyum. As reported here Rav Lau was to attend and speak as well. however it appears that did not sit well with many RY as well as the Viznitz rebbe of Monsey who is said to have told his chasidim not to attend if Rabbi Lau does end up speaking. Its nothing per se about rabbi Lau but the mere fact that he represents the Zionist state being a former chief rabbi. At this sensitive time with the shadow of a draft on all yeshiva Bochrim it does not sit well with many Roshei Yeshiva. Some are wondering why the Agudah decided on giving him a platform.


  1. Can we get a response with explanation from Agudah? Its not a chidush that he was a chief rabbi. Why did they ask him to talk?


  3. Klausenburger Rebbe will attendandspeak at the Siyum hashasat metlife stadium August 1st 2012.

    1. i still rememeber the klausenberg rebbe z''l speaking at the siyum in 1983, he was such a oiyev yisroel, and at the 9th siuym his son the klausenberg rebbe shlita spoke very good its nice to see the chasidish rebbes that are a above the politics and stand up for kvod hatorah!!!!

  4. He was an OHeiv yisroel not Oiyev yisroel! Big difference!