Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mishpacha magazine responds to feedback on Draft article,Yated prints speech by Rav Malkiel Kotler shlita

Mishpacha magazine responded in its editorial to a backlash and critisisim of publishing an article recently regarding the draft in Israel. The article written by Aviad Friedman of the Plessner  commission stated, he will do everything in his power to draft as many yeshiva bochurim as possible into the army. In his weekly Editorial Rabbi Grylak acknowledged the uproar yet explained his reasoning to publish the article.

"We’ve been bombarded with reader feedback after publishing an interview with Aviad Friedman, secretary of the Plesner Committee which was convened for the  supposedly urgent need to work out a plan for drafting yeshivah students into Israel’s military forces. Our intention, of course, was not to promote his views, but still I’m glad so many readers were upset about the piece.
We believe it is important to reveal the other side’s hand, yet we were heartened by the enraged responses we got from our readers, which was a testimony to what they hold most dear. There’s a popular saying that the news media serve as the watchdog of democracy, and we know that this isn’t always true. The media seems just as likely to appear in the guise of a Rottweiler that attacks the deserving and undeserving indiscriminately. In any case, the readership is clearly the watchdog of journalism. Our readers proved that in their responses to the Friedman interview."

However the Yated Ne'eman  printed remarks from Rav Malkiel Kotler Shlita who spoke recently on behalf of Lev Lachim in Lakewood. Not mentioning the magazine by name the Rosh yeshiva alluded to the fact that there's a magazine in america that published an article explaining why bnei torah should go to the army, how one can be a sheiner yid in the army he can learn Daf yomi he can daven at the kosel and he can do all other gutteh zachen. It portrays how the army is not that bad,This the RY said is a breach in our Choma.
The RY spoke about the danger facing eretz yisrael being a small country surrounded by Billions of enemies. any size army can not protect eretz yisrael its a makom sakanna in the natural order of things. The shmirah of EY is only from hashem who protects us. the true army of klal yisroel is the bnei torah who learn torah . Perhaps we need even more bnei torah than ever to protect us in this eis tzara. Our Choma is the torah. Our hashkafos have to be strong. If we dont have enough soldiers in EY , we need more Bnei torah.

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  1. When Mishpacha asked the Lakewood Rosh yeshiva what haapens if they start drafting yeshiva leit? he responded as the Gedoilim in EY (without specifying any particular names)