Friday, January 11, 2013

When Rosh Chodesh shevat falls out on Shabbos

This year Rosh chodesh Shvat 5773, 2013 falls out on Shabbos. According to the Chasam sofer the makka of Dever which is the 5th plague happened on Rosh Chodesh Shvat that fell out on Shabbos.  Therefore, the Gemara Sanhedrin (65b) says that sorcery does not work on Shabbos Kodesh. "This is why," says the Chasam Sofer, "by Dever the Chartumim could not respond as they responded by all other plagues untill the Makkah of שחין.

The first day of Shevat is also an important day in jewish history as on this day  Moshe Rabbeinu repeats the Torah on the first of שבט of the year 2488 from creation he convened the Jewish people and began the 37-day "review of the Torah" contained in the Book of Devorim, which he concluded on the day of his passing on Adar 7 of that year. Some say it was on Shabbos too. There is a big inyan in these 37 days as it is compared to shavuos when we got the torah. Let us use this Shabbos to its fullest potential.

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