Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Yarchei kallah in frum communities on Jan 1st 2013

Frum communities across the US are Hosting a Day of Learning  Known as Yom Iyun or Yarchei Kallah dur to the legal Holiday.

In Passaic, NJ there will be a Q & A with Rav Belsky in all areas of Halacha. Breakfast 9:30 Shiuur9:45-10:45 at the YBH building 270 passaic Avenue dining room.Submit your questions for the shiur to PassaicCliftonKollel@gmail.com for more info click HERE.

Clevland, OH - The Agudah is hosting a Yom Iyun mens learning program featuring 2 shiurim at 10:00 and 11:00 am at the agudah Building 1861 S Taylor Road. for more info click HERE

Lakewood, NJ At khal Zichron yaakov the Agra dpirka kollel will be hosting a yarchei kallah 175 Sunset Road.

Additional locations in other cities will be posted ..

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