Thursday, October 10, 2013

Did you expect any different from the NY post, its the frum websites that should shock you.

Why are people so shocked and surprised at the NY Post or "Prust"? How can it be after applauding them HERE  for their editorial on metzitza Bpeh and the satmar stores in Williamsburg, they go ahead and attack Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef Zatzal.

Its a shmutz tabloid that frum people should not be reading. The attack on Rabbi Yosef was disgusting, especialy for a Torah giant and a Rabbi that was respected across the board from all different denominations. They don't even know who he was and never heard his name before. The article was fed to them during a dirty campaign for NYC Mayor. A tabloid doing politics as usual. The Israeli secular media is more to blame for it.

What is shocking is Frum Blogs and news websites that allow negative comments posted about ROY. We should be outraged by the  discussion in the cofferoom section besmirching whole communities of Lakewood and Monsey, attacking the lakewood yeshiva BMG in the name of Kavod hatorah. The hypocrisy of these websites to publish editorials against the NY Post while doing the exact same thing!

  The NY post never the less have conservative values and they got it right on callling out Bloombergs crusade with the NYC dept of health on Metzitzah. For that  the Agudah  thanked them. we do not become fans and agree with what they do.

A commenter mentioned earlier, They say the Brisker Rov got very upset when someone tried to bring a rayah to something he said (about the avoda in the BHMK) from the report of a non-Jew who witnessed it and reported on what he saw. He said today you rely on his report for something that you agree with and next day you will bring rayahs from this non-Jew or another one to something else.


  1. I think a lot of people divide the world into "good guys" and "bad guys", good guys being those who agree with them and bad guys being those who don't. So there's a tendency to assume that anyone who agrees with them about one important thing is one of the "good guys" and they can be surprised if these same people suddenly turn bad on other issues.

    OT: I suppose I should be flattered that you copied an earlier comment of mine and pasted it in as the last paragraph of your post. Seems a bit weird, though.

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    1. Fotheringay-PhippsOctober 10, 2013 at 4:06 PM

      I should add, then, that the "he" refers to the BR himself, IOW the guy was trying to back up something that the BR himself had said, but the BR objected anyway as described.

  3. Boruch Hashem I've weaned myself off of VIN long ago. BH I've never had the Taaveh to drink coffee, let alone visit the coffee room. Last week VIN was advertising for adult computer games with an obscene graphic. Matzav is still the best of the bunch, although nobody is perfect. Maybe you and SoMeHoW and Bray of Fundie and others can start your own.

    1. The ads could be from google not necessarily from VIN.

    2. So then give up the google revenue and disallow their ads or they are machshil the rabbim

  4. Tomim
    I don't see how Matzav is better than any of them. On more than one occasion they posted pritzusdik pictures of women. Additionally they have very Krum hashkafah and are very biased in their reporting and in what they report. Then there's the gruesome graphic pictures of mutilations and other things that they post whenever they deem it news worthy. I think as a whole YWN is still leading the pack but they must close the coffeeroom. Its not good what they allow in there.