Sunday, October 27, 2013

President Obama chooses cheesecake over cholent

The hope was, that president Obama would stop off in Crown Heights in the Chabad neighborhood on Kingston Avenue  and grab a bowl of hot cholent or a piece of potato kugel. The president went milchig instead and bought 2 cheesecakes on Flatbush Avenue HERE .

hmm.. don't tell Michelle
Asking for Justice for Rubashkin
 Despite not stoping off at the heart of  frum neighborhood, many there are sure the president noticed the signs calling for justice to Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin. Signs asked that the president to either pardon or investigate the case. Noted Lubavitch comedian Mendy Pelin tweeted, Mendy Pellin tweeted:   "White House: The president is humbled by his warm greeting in Crown Heights. The "Long Live the King" signs were touching!"

Photo:Col live

Are Those flowers are  shabbos?


  1. Were there any signs calling for justice for Jonathan Pollard?

  2. Chief Chooses Cheese Cake.
    Chief Chucks Chabad's Chulent.

    1. Great!
      Should have asked you before it was posted!